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If there is one thing that 24 years in the business as a freelancer has taught me its that you get older, sometimes wiser but always older.

With age comes a family, a long list of projects completed and still more learning, ways of doing things that work and a ton of things you swear never to do again: experience yes but always open to more. Every project is a clean canvas; every client has a unique lesson to teach.

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My uses.

I quit school early to imagine, design and make. Tried my hand at most fields from film making to animation, illustration to large scale web design and discovered that to me it's all just design.

So now a brand concept, a website, a brochure, an animation is different but the same, it's a business puzzle to be solved with a creative, imaginative resolution.

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My work.

The best way to judge a book is by reading it (or by looking at its cover artwork your choice); the best way to judge a creative is to look at their work (which may or may not include book covers).

My work is a collection of concepts, branding and designs from a broad selection of business types curated for their eye-candy worthiness.

I don't work in a team, so all aspects of the designs you will see are created by myself. I don't take on all work that turns up on my doorstep.

The projects I decide to nurture always receive my full attention until they can be safely released back into the wild.

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Now don't go thinking this is all I have ever done. This is just a small selection.

My sketch book.

Every project from a client brand to a 3D printed gizmo for a family member starts in my sketchbook. Tried and trusted Moleskin Dotted Journal and a freshly sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga are, in my opinion, the only way to commence any project.

Feel free to take a look at some of my smaller personal accomplishments and handcrafted products, which means that design in all guises is my hobby too. Nice to enjoy your job so much its also a hobby.

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Now be warned these are just tinkering's and muse's not full blown super thought out projects.